MapWorks Learning

MapWorks Learning is a nonprofit based in the United States. Their primary project Narrative Atlas –, connects learners around the world to share their own stories and solutions to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For example in 2019/2020 they had a year long global project focused on solutions to climate change. MapWorks Learning use technology to advance cross-cultural collaboration, global competencies and media literacy/storytelling.

Single Step

The Single Step foundation plays a key role in the integration of the LGBT community in Bulgaria. I do support them because their mission makes the society a better place and it is important for everyone to feel accepted and not rejected by others.

School Miracles

School Miracles helps students in small towns and villages growing up in families experiencing financial difficulties, who are at a huge risk of dropping out and staying trapped in the cycle of poverty they were born into. Through volunteer teachers and activities, the project aims to develop the skills necessary for their students’ success in the 21st century – analytical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

HVK Children’s Foundation

I am really happy that we can provide HVK Children’s Foundation with free hosting, because people and especially children in Liberia truly need the help of this organization. Considering the economic situation in this African country and what its people have gone through made me wanna stand by them. It feels good that through our day-to-day work in SiteGround we can help people, even when they are on another continent from us, live a little better.

The Venus Project

They are actually our clients for several years now. It is a great NPO which was founded by Jacque Fresco with the sole purpose of promoting an environmental friendly, resource based economy – it is a good cause that aims to educate people of the benefits of resource based economy, and that it is probably the only way for humanity to survive in the long term.

Ideas Factory

People behind Ideas Factory believe in using creativity to achieve a positive change in the society. They organize various projects aiming to foster social entrepreneurship. One of their most popular project is “Резиденция баба” which brings young people from the city to live temporarily in small villages together with some of the old locals, sharing their day-to-day work and joy of natural living.


As someone, who reads to her daughter even night, I deeply believe that reading is a wonderful thing! I am very happy that we can support this initiative that aims to motivate children to read and thus learn how to understand and love the world and the other people.

Green Balkans

I support Green Balkans, because I know part of their team, the way the work and I truly believe in their cause for the conservation of rare species and habitats in Bulgaria. Keeping the nature and caring about it is definitely something we should all think of in every possible situation as we are the ones that should build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature 🙂

All About Lymphoma

Martin is an young man, who fought the cancer twice. He has made this informative website for Lymphoma in Bulgarian describing everything in detail. Back in the days when he got the bad news, there was almost nothing in Bulgaria related to the disease. Now he is a part of the Bulgarian Lymphoma Association helping people fighting with cancer, organizing support groups etc. When he contacted me last year to help him build an newer and mobile friendly version of his site I was impressed how generous, supportive and kind person he was and decided to help him free of charge. Now with the Host a Cause initiative of SiteGround I am blessed to support this site with free hosting too.

Ole Male

Victoria Vicheva: This is a platform where mothers of disabled children sell things they have crafted themselves. I support the initiative, because it provides an opportunity for these women to earn additional income.

Daniale Nikolova: I support this initiative, as it provides an opportunity to mothers of disabled children to find a work from home and make a living for themselves and their family. I also know personally the two ladies behind this project and they are both PEOPLE with big hearts 🙂